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freedom alert security alarm system image Freedom Alert Security Alarm with free 911 emergency operator

Emergency operators are available as backup if needed. Freedom Alert can also contact a free 911 emergency operator as a backup in case you cannot reach a family member or neighbor.
This way you are completely protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are never alone with Freedom Alert. Traveling? Whether you are moving across town or going to visit the grand kids around the country, this is not a problem for Freedom Alert. Just unplug your unit from the phone jack and toss it in your suitcase. When you get to your destination, simply plug it into the local phone jack. No additional programming is needed. And if you call 911, they will have the local caller ID of that location. Freedom Alert provides complete coverage in and around your home.

Because you are speaking through your pendant. Freedom Alert allows you to communicate your message from every corner of your home and outside in the yard and in the driveway with just one button activation. Never pay a monthly, activation or set up fee again. Freedom Alert is yours to keep and use forever. Once you purchase, there is nothing more to pay.